Tuesday, 24 May 2011

One To 1,000 Campaign To Help African Small Farmers

Johnson and his wife Lucy (with daughter Mariam) pick tomatoes from their farm in rural Kenya. With the help of two Kickstart irrigation pumps, Johnson is able to farm 3 acres. Once struggling to feed his own family, now Johnson can care for his family, earn an income and afford to send his children to school. Johnson now says, "I wish I had seen the pump before because I now realize how much time I wasted."

Bill Gates recently challenged readers of his blog to develop tools to increase awareness of the importance of small farmers in addressing the problem of hunger.
The Adventure Project (TAP) is responding with its One to 1000 initiative, and TPRF is one of its sponsors. This program will not only increase awareness of this important subject, but also help 1,000 small farmers in Africa through TAP's collaboration with Kickstart.
The idea is for at least 1,000 people to set up an about.me page that tells the small farmer story. Read all about it here, and then set up your own about.me profile.


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