Friday, 21 January 2011

Water Your Plants With Wet Umbrellas!

Wet umbrellas are a nuisance, aren't they! Well, Merve Sarisin has designed this Cavity Flowerpot, where you can put the dripping water to good use. The flowerpot is designed to hold wet umbrellas, collect the excess water and use it to water the plants. There are four receptacles that hold wet umbrellas, while a dish collects the water that drains off the umbrellas, which is then absorbed by the plant roots. Simple!

Via: Yanko Design


kelly said...

nice flowerpot, I like the idea. Very creative, and simple enough.

iva said...

that plant pot is stylishly functional. very nice idea.

Alice said...

The idea is very good and unique.The design of the flower pot is adorable at the same time it will help in water the plants and an umbrella stand.

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