Saturday, 27 November 2010

LiveStream: An Ambassador of Peace - Prem Rawat Honored in Potenza, Italy

In the Basilicata region of Italy, President Emilio Colombo, President Vito de Filippo of Basilicata, and several other dignitaries declared Prem Rawat to be the region's Ambassador of Peace during a special event to promote peace, held on July 3, 2009.

Greeting Prem Rawat to the stage, Governor de Filippo spoke of the need for political institutions to actively address the individuals' quest for peace. “It is known that treaties alone are insufficient in establishing lasting peace, and I believe deeply that embedded in our souls is the most solid foundation for bringing peace. Tonight an important seed will be planted that we will nurture and grow. For this is a land of peace,” he stated.

You can watch the LiveStream webcast of this event at any time over the next 5 days by following this link.

“Our differences of opinion should be our strength, not our weakness. We have to learn to come together, and that can only happen when we see the necessity.”
 Prem Rawat


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