Tuesday, 19 October 2010

TPRF To Open 3rd Food For People Facility In Ghana

Image: TPRF
Thanks to generous contributions from Friends of TPRF across the globe it has become possible for TPRF to initiate a third Food for People (FFP) facility. The first two are located in India and Nepal. After much research, it was decided to locate the new facility in Ghana, in the village of Otinibi on the outskirts of the capital city, Accra.

After many consultations with village leaders, including Chief Nii Kweidza Mansa III, Headmistress Grace Ninsaw, and village elders, a plan is underway to build a Food for People facility on land adjacent to the school. The project was introduced at a village-wide Durbar, or ceremonial meeting, where Chief Mansa, the headmistress, and representatives of TPRF and the local sponsoring charity formally presented the project and responded to questions. The facility will open in 2011.

First established in 1840, Otinibi is a village of about 1500 people. Most residents farm to raise food for their families, but because of poor soil and undependable weather patterns, they are barely able to grow enough food to eat. Those who are strong enough, leave early in the morning and walk 5 kilometers to break up rocks for road building.

Children who are enrolled in school often arrive without breakfast. Others are kept out of school to work.

With the announcement of the upcoming Food for People facility, school enrollment is already on the increase, to the surprise and delight of school officials.



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