Saturday, 9 October 2010

French Student Accommodation Made From Shipping Containers

Image © Cattini Architects via Freshome

100 dorm rooms have been built from old shipping containers for some students in Le Havre, France. It is called Cité a Docks and was designed by Cattani Architects.

Each unit is about 24 square meters and has a large glass wall which lets in a lot of natural light and has a bathroom and a kitchen. The first floor is raised off the ground, allowing students to store their bikes, and the inside of each room is a welcoming white with warm wooden furniture.

Instead of just stacking the boxes right on top of one another, they have been staggered and alternating areas between containers have been left  empty to act as walkways and balconies. Container walls that face the exterior of the building or sit between other units are insulated using concrete fire walls and rubber.
Image © Cattini Architects via Freshome

Via: Freshome

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Thess said...

Wow! That's smart. Instead of throwing old containers they can be converted into rooms. Thanks for posting!

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