Monday, 12 July 2010

Soccer Field To Provide Clean Drinking Water For Africans

Recently unveiled at the Port of Los Angeles was PITCH:AFRICA - a concept soccer field and community centre which will provide potable water to Africans. Conceived by Jane Harrison and David Turnbull of Atopia Research, the permeable soccer field, created from re-purposed shipping containers or locally found materials, captures rainwater in cisterns much below the ground or at ground level.

To be located at the centre of the community where it will be set up, residents won't need to travel miles for water. There is enough space to seat 1000 people and the sheltered eaves below the stands will also be used for classrooms or stores.

Jane Harrison and David Turnbull call it a "man-made eco-system." The kit is designed to use whatever materials are on hand, built with materials as ubiquitous as shipping containers or fabricated locally to support the local economy.

The project is funded by the Annenberg Foundation.

"PITCH:AFRICA will provide clean water on a regular basis in tropical and temperate regions where water is scarce or unavailable, potentially making a profound difference in the lives of the people of Africa."

Via: FastCoDesign


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