Saturday, 31 July 2010

Soccer Ball That Generates Energy While Being Kicked

Image: sOccket

A team of four engineering students at Harvard University have designed a unique soccer ball that generates electricity when being kicked around and could help provide much-needed electricity to areas of rural Africa.

Called the sOccket, the ball captures the energy from impact that is usually lost to the environment. It makes use of inductive-coil technology to generate, and store energy, in the ball whilst it is being played with. When the game of soccer has been concluded, the child can return home with a fully charged ball, and using the built-in fixture, connect a LED lamp to illuminate the home.

Although the product is still in a prototype format with trials being conducted throughout the African continent, it is destined to help families who are currently living off-grid. In most African countries, 95% of the population is living off-grid with no access to electricity

Find out more here - sOccket

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