Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Solar-powered TV For African Slum To Watch World Cup!

A Swiss not-for-profit organisation, Solafrica, has provided a portable solar power station that runs a large donated TV for residents of the Kibera slum of Nairobi - home to a million people - to gather and watch the World Cup.

Kibera residents use dangerous and heavily-polluting kerosene lamps to see at night. The solar power station is relatively compact — it consists of solar panels and accumulators, and doesn’t require complex wiring. After the World Cup, it will be installed at a nearby school.

Working with Greenpeace and the Kibera Community Youth Programme — who also participated in the World Cup project — Solafrica has also trained local youth to make simple solar-powered LED lamps that can replace kerosene lamps indoors or work as a flashlight. They’re easy to assemble and operate, increasing their chances of long-term use. The project provides jobs to Kibera Youth, and gives them a chance to do schoolwork after dark.

Via: Solafrica


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