Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Prem Rawat To Speak In Miami On June 13

Those of you living in the Miami area may be interested in attending an event on Sunday June 13 at which Prem Rawat will be speaking. This is a fantastic opportunity to listen — in a live setting — to his message of peace.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

The event will begin at 5:00 PM, and doors will open at 4:00 PM. Ticket pickup time will be announced. The event will be in English with translation provided in Spanish.


James L. Knight Center
400 SE Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

To reserve a seat, please visit this link.

1 Comment:

R V said...

Thanks for sharing, Prem Rawat is an amazing speaker and really good influencer. Will visit the event most definitely.

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