Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Home Built From Recycled Parts Of Boeing 747

Architect David Hertz made full use of a discarded Boeing 747 by building a home out of its various parts for his client Francie Rehwald. The green house is built atop a hill in Malibu.

The plane’s wings make the home’s roof, the fuselage serves as the guest house, and the cockpit windows form skylights in the house. Permission had to be secured from 17 different government agencies before the project could go ahead. A new plane would cost US$200 million, but the plane scrap came relatively cheap at USD$35,000, with 4.5 million recycled parts being used!

Via: MyFoxDC

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Allen Davis said...

Hey that is great! The world is learning to recycle things and at the same time be creative.

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