Friday, 14 May 2010

End Hunger: Walk The World

End Hunger: Walk The World

End Hunger: Walk the World is an annual event to raise money and awareness for the World Food Programme's (WFP) efforts to fight child hunger and malnutrition. This year the walk will take place on Sunday 6 June.

For Walk the World 2009 360 thousand people walked in 210 locations raising enough money to provide school meals to 20 thousand children in the world's poorest countries for one year. Click on the badge at the top of the post to find out more about this year's Walk and watch the short trailer below.

One billion people around the world go to bed hungry. It only costs 25 US cents to give a child a nutritious school meal, give them health, education and hope for a better future.


Traveler Club said...

I wish I can support this event

Sandy said...

Good luck to all who participate. There are so many causes one can't donate or participate in all; but if we each do something that benefits others we're on the right track.


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