Thursday, 4 March 2010

World Water Day 2010

World Water Day 2010

The UN World Water Day is later this month on March 22. This year World Water Day is dedicated to the theme of water quality, reflecting its importance alongside quantity of the resource in water management.

The campaign aims to -

* Raise awareness about sustaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being through addressing the increasing water quality challenges in water management and

* Raise the profile of water quality by encouraging governments, organizations, communities, and individuals around the world to actively engage in proactively addressing water quality e.g. in pollution prevention, clean up and restoration.

If you want more information or would like to participate in the campaign, just click on the buttons above or below to go to the information site.

World Water Day 2010

1 Comment:

We Cognize said...

I din't even know that there was a day dedicated to the importance of water ! Or is it a "new" way of raising awareness ?

Thanks for informing about this !

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