Sunday, 21 March 2010

Upcycled Rain Boots Made From Plastic Bags

These rain boots were conceived at Waste for Life by Louie Rigano, a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design, and are fabricated from plastic bags collected by cartoneros , or impoverished Argentineans who make their living collecting trash in Buenos Aires.

The process, which involves hot-pressing layers of plastic bags with a stiff interfacing such as cheesecloth, was designed to be easily replicable so the cartoneros could make and sell the boots to generate income. Because plastic is inherently water-resistant, they are not only extremely economical but also practical.

They were designed to be easily replicable for Argentinean trash collectors to make and sell and you can even make your own using the template that Rigano has provided. Etsy also has a tutorial demonstrating how to create flat sheets using an iron and some freezer paper.

Via: Louie Rigano


Carmen Araneta said...

Hmmm...really interesting. It's good to come up with things to create from trash.

Dorothy L said...

How very cool...what don't they recycle these days. It is amazing how many things can be reused or recycled if we really think about it. With the economy going south....we need to go back to basics and reuse and recycle everything.

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