Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Smart Roof Insulation Made From Cooking Oil

A team of scientists led by scientist Ben Wen, Ph.D. of United Environment & Energy LLC in Horsehead, New York has come up with a “bio-coating” for the roofs that is capable of regulating temperature in hot as well as cold weather. The remarkable thing is that this coating is made from waste cooking oil from greasy foods.

The bio-coating has unique chemical properties that allow it to reflect light in the summer and retain heat in winter. It is non-toxic, unscented and non-flammable and can also be developed in any colour from clear to black. Produced by processing waste cooking oil into a liquid polymer, it could reduce both heating and cooling costs and in addition to using waste oil, it will also help save fuel and electricity and reduce emissions from petroleum-based roofing products.

They hope to have the product available within three years.

Via: TG Daily

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