Saturday, 6 March 2010

Electric Train Ruins In Lima Converted Into Green Amusement Park

Abandoned electric train ruins in Lima, Peru have been converted into a green amusement park by the Spanish group Basurama. The train ruins had been there since 1986, with the concrete columns left standing without purpose (see photo below) until the Ghost Train Park opened last month, free of charge.

Equipment is made from recycled materials and now local park goers enjoy horse shaped car tire swings, climbing structures, canopy lines, and swings that hang from forgotten pass ways.

“Basurama has been working with the subject of trash for more than ten years, generating spaces and installations that make us reflect about what we throw away.”

In the video below (Spanish language) you can see clearly the park’s location in the centre of a bustling, traffic laden location.

Ruben Lorenzo of Basurama says, “Public spaces in Lima sometimes generate insecurity and are besieged by car horns, we want to show that there’s also room for people, and that we have to claim that.”

Via: Treehugger
Photos: Basurama

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