Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sustainable City Lights Using Solar And Wind Power

This intelligent lighting system - Sustainable City Lights, designed by Philips Design - harnesses solar and wind energy, and beams up the LEDs automatically when they sense human presence. If no humans are around them, they simply emit a soft glow.

They take their inspiration from the opening and closing of a flower bud and any surplus energy is transferred to the main grid.

Via: YankoDesign


mike said...

Just two days ago, I saw a pair of lampposts in a parking lot with a big solar panel attached to them. First one I've seen, and I live in a big city.

I think as solar becomes more efficient, more and more uses are being found. The parking meter stations are all solar powered here as well.

Niharika said...

WOW, not only is the idea superb but these lights even looks very beautiful !

David said...

I really like the design of those street lights. They are very modern looking I think. I could actually see a smaller scale version that would look great in a modern style home.

Raj said...

hey wow !! Thats an awesome concept.

I believe these lights would be costly to implement though.....

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