Thursday, 4 February 2010

Guatemala Children Build New Schoolhouse From 6000 Plastic Bottles!

The new bright orange schoolhouse in Granados, Guatemala that you see above was built using plastic bottles. After feeling strongly about the plastic trash that she noticed everywhere in Guatemala and the fact that schools had classrooms with no walls, Peace Corps volunteer Laura Kutner decided to take up a project to change things forever.

The project would use plastic trash as construction material. The team collected plastic waste from their neighbouring villages, in addition to their own. All the bottles were filled with plastic grocery bags, chip bags, and other waste and were then placed inside a metal fencing. Trash was used to fill up the spaces between the fencing and the bottles .

The fences were then covered with three layers of cement. The bottles served as insulation, while the cement layers created the look and stability of any conventional wall. As many as 6,000 plastic bottles and the dedication of the team has resulted in this wonderful, innovative school.


Vera said...

Amazing. I wonder how safe it is? I mean, how stable the structure is going to be? This is easily repeatable, so if it will be a really safe wall then more people should know about it.

Vera said...

Forgot to say thanks for sharing. and the song, I love it! :)

Kirhat said...

This is well and good, but unless it is structurally sound, it may be prudent to just use it as an exhibit and nothing more.

Seek No More

josie said...

It did not only helped the children to have walls for their classroom, but also reduced the waste materials. thanks for sharing, hope others will follow this good example.

RE Ausetkmt said...

wowww, that is really green. so are they planning on helping to build other schools ? that would be wonderful. great post.

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