Thursday, 28 January 2010

Two Bamboo Houses Built In Two Days

An average timber-construction usually takes nine to twelve months to complete, but Bamboo Living Homes, the only ICC-ES code certified designer and manufacturer of bamboo prefab homes in the world and with 14 years experience, built two bamboo homes on the Big Island of Hawaii in just two days!

The bamboo prefab is superior to traditional structures, environmentally as well as aesthetically. Sequestering roughly 20 tons of CO2 through a 1,000 sq. feet single story, it’s negligible when compared to traditional constructional practices.

David Sands, co-founder and Chief Architect from BLH says: "People love, and I mean love their bamboo homes. We don’t have clients, we have fans. It’s such a kick to watch their faces when their homes go up – one day they just have a foundation and then a couple of days later they’re walking through their house figuring out where to put the furniture."

Watch it being done in this video.

Via: PRWeb


Green Energy said...

Bamboo houses are fast and cheap and emit less carbon dioxide in the construction.

But my worry is that we will exhaust all the food for pandas if bamboo houses becomes a fashionable living concept.

By the way, can I do a link exchange with you?

NYCode Official said...

How efficent are these homes? Is there heating, water and septic and can typical interior finishes be used. The modular style is great and using bamboo is good. IS there bamboo being grown as a "crop" near where these house are being built? Just some curious questions.

RG said...

For the `intellectual BF who posted a concern that populace bamboo housing will deprive 'Panda's' of food !?!

Panda's feed on a select, (high altitude), variety of bamboo, (unsuitable as a building material).

(((Be careful what you 'wish' for - you just might get it!));-)

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