Monday, 4 January 2010

Plastic Bags That Dissolve In Water

UK-based packaging company Cyberpac has developed a complete range of products, which it calls “Harmless”. Harmless uses a hydro-degradable plastic that is nearly three times stronger than polythene, lighter and leaves no damaging residue after dissolving in water.The newly developed plastic bag is being used by the company to send their products to customers, who can conveniently dissolve it at home.

In order to dissolve the bag, all you have to do is first cut out the glue strip, as it does not dissolve in water, but you don’t have to worry about its environmental impact because it is biodegradable. The next step is to place the bag in a container and pour hot water on it. It will start dissolving, though the printed areas will take a little longer to dissolve. Eventually the solution can be drained down, leaving no trace of the plastic bag. Less plastic in landfills means a heathier planet.

This is what the company has to say - “Harmless-Dissolve is non-toxic and is degraded by micro-organisms, moulds and yeasts. These organisms can occur in both artificial environments, such as anaerobic digesters, activated sewage sludge and composts and natural environments such as aquatic systems and soil. The micro-organisms use Harmless-Dissolve as a food source by producing a variety of enzymes that are capable of reacting with it. In the end the bag becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass.”


Sheila said...

I'm really pleased to hear this. We've just moved house and had to buy a good few things, and inevitably they seem to come wrapped in plastic. I hope more manufacturers will follow.

Life Moto said...

great invention they have here. i hope it will be cheaper than normal plastics

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