Monday, 28 December 2009

Tsunami - Five Years Later

It was five years ago, at Christmas time 2004, that the tsunami struck in Indonesia. Photojournalist Abbie Trayler-Smith recently returned to the city of Banda Aceh, to discover how UKaid from the Department for International Development has helped people to rebuild their lives.


Sheila said...

I'll never forget the disbelief I felt when I watched the scenes on television. The 26 December is Boxing Day in the UK so we were all still in holiday mood making the shock somehow even worse - the contrast.

I do hope everyone is recovering as well as the people shown on the video.

symposio said...

I also remember my own feelings of shock and disbelief, Sheila. As with a lot of disasters, we often tend to forget about it after a while and move on to something else - which is why I thought it a good opportunity to remember this and get an update on what has happened.

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