Friday, 18 December 2009

Santa's High-Tech Eco-Sleigh

For years, Santa has been riding the same old wooden sleigh pulled by reindeer. But this year GE Global Research has designed a new Santa sleigh that comes with 10 of the company's green -focused ideas displayed this year.

The concept Santa sleigh has incorporated 10 of the best green ideas from GE. It has icephobic coating to keep it free from snow, self-powered OLED lighting in the front of the sleigh for better visibility, Ceramic Matrix Composites for sleigh blades and GE Sodium Batteries to store energy and supplement power. The sleigh has a frame made from carbon fiber composite materials and features like GE’s Trip Optimizer, wearable RFID sensor, wireless medical sensor, asset intelligent tracking tech to know his whereabouts and a 500GB holographic disk.

“We do have cool technology that could make Santa’s life a lot easier,” writes physical chemist Anit Duggal.

Via: GE Reports


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