Monday, 21 December 2009

Green School in Bali, Indonesia

The mission of Green School Bali is to give its students a holistic and green education. The school made of bamboo has open classrooms covered by roofs of alang-alang, and there is greenery all around. The school founders, Canadian John Hardy and his American wife, Cynthia, put their jewelry business up for sale two years ago to get the funds for their green project.

They make sure that the students get a pragmatic education and first-hand exposure to the art of growing crops, understanding aquatic systems, appreciating renewable energy and endorsing waste and water usage. Green School aims to have the lowest carbon footprint of any international school anywhere, through use of bamboo and rammed earth for its buildings, growing its own food in its gardens, and plans to generate its own power from the river.

Now, the Paris-based group Akuo Energy has come up to set up a “renewable energy lab” for the children. Self-composting toilets are there to promote cleanliness, and a biodiesel generator and some solar panels ensure that the proposed “off the grid” building makes the most of clean energy.

The school has 150 students from 23 countries.


BK said...

Interesting idea to have a green school like this. I feel that it is important for us to inculcate good green habits in our children. They are our hope for the future.

The Accessory Lady said...

This is really amazing. I hope they use the model and open more schools like this one in other parts of the world!

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