Monday, 2 November 2009

TPRF: Food For People On America's Giving Challenge

Many of you - especially those of you on Facebook - may already be aware of America's Giving Challenge. It is a 30-day national competition that encourages people to help win cash awards that will total $245,500 on behalf of their favourite nonprofit.

Participating causes in the Challenge are competing for daily and overall cash awards based on the number of donations generated for a cause, not dollars raised. Awards will be given to the nonprofit beneficiaries of the causes that garner the highest number of unique daily donations (the same person can donate every day and it's considered a unique donation each time) between 3:00 p.m. EDT October 7, 2009, and 2:59pm EST on November 6, 2009.

I have been supporting the cause TPRF: Food For People - "Helping to break the cycle of poverty through nutritious food and clean water... Because everyone deserves a life of dignity and hope." You can see a short video about their work here.

The cause with largest overall number of donations (not necessarily dollars raised) by November 6th will receive the $50.000 in addition to the donations given. TPRF: Food For People is currently lying 3rd and we are trying for a final push to get more unique donations ($10 minimum) and reach overall 1st place to get the $50.000 for the cause. There are also 3 awards of $1500 for those that get the most donations on particular days - TPRF: Food For People won that yesterday!

To find out more and help this cause, you can visit the page on Facebook here TPRF: Food For People Watch Matt Damon talk about America's Giving Challenge on this short video.


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