Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Solar Powered Treehouse Classrooms

The Elleray Preparatory School in the Lake District National Park in the UK unveiled an incredible set of tree-top classrooms. The three green-built class pods stand on stilts connected by a central platform made from recycled plastic milk bottles and wood shavings. It has been built to have a low impact on the environment while accommodating the school’s expanding student body.

The three pods were designed and built by Robert Gaukroger of Kita Design Company. Each unit is constructed from a ribbed timber frame set upon Douglas fir stilts and then clad in English chestnut shingles. In the summer the deck will be used as an outdoor classroom.

As with many of Gaukroger’s projects, the Treehouse School is focused on “up-cycled, re-cycled and low-impact Architecture and design”. The pods feature a high efficiency heating and cooling system that utilizes a ground-source heat pump. Rainwater is collected to cut down on potable water use, and solar panels are mounted along the centre of each roof to provide lighting for each building.

Rob Gaukroger says, “It wasn’t a state funded project and the budget has been tight from day one, I didn’t charge a design fee for the three years it took to take this project from an idea, through the planning process to the built solution today. I have constructed a lot of the building myself with a small team of joiners on site. The bursar at the school has kept a tight hold on the purse strings and he has got good value for money.”

Via: Dezeen
Photos by Sean Conboy


Vera said...

perfect combination of function, aesthetics, and at the same time being earth-conscious.

Rebecca said...

Love it!! I want a house like that!
I've given you the Best Blog Award, you can come to my blog to pick it up!

storybeader said...

what an absolutely gorgeous design!

holiday in bhutan said...

like it !this is the perfect this.

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