Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Journey Of A Biscuit To The Philippines

The World Food Programme (WFP) has distributed over 230 tons of High Energy Biscuits in the Philippines as part of its response to the recent typhoons. The video below shows how the biscuits travelled the 9,374 kilometres from the factory to the beneficiaries, and in particular, one little boy called Antonio (photo above).

These biscuits (HEBs) are ideal for the sort of relief operations that follow natural disasters because they’re easy to transport and they don’t require cooking. In addition, they are full of minerals, vitamins and energy so they can keep people going for several days if there's no other food available.

In the Philippines the biscuits have also been useful as a way of making sure mothers and children don't lose out on important nutrients as they deal with the floods and devastation left behind by a series of typhoons.

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Anonymous said...

At Copenaghen, UN will discuss about climate change. Meanwhile HEbs travels from Turkey to Philippines... no country was ever closer to the beneficiary? How much in CO2 emissions could have been avoided if a nearest country would have sent that food.. The waste made by UN and related organizations has no reason!

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