Monday, 23 November 2009

Ecovative Design Wins Opportunity Green 2009 Competition

Earlier this month, the Opportunity Green Business Conference 2009 was held in Los Angeles. At the conference the 25 finalists in the Opportunity Green Competition (OG25) were showcased and the winner, Ecovative Design, was announced.

The OG25 open business competition recognizes the most promising start-ups committed to building a new green economy and highlights initiatives in clean technology, product design, mobility, social innovation, water and resource conservation, food systems, community development and more.

Below, you can see a video about the Ecovative Design product EcoCradle™ . From creation to composting, EcoCradle™ packaging fit into nature's recycling program. The materials that go into EcoCradle™ are all naturally occurring waste products, like buckwheat hulls, rice hulls, or cotton burrs. Because materials are grown without lots of heat, pressure or petroleum, the process is extremely energy efficient. And once youre done with an EcoCradle™ packaging buffer, it can be used as mulch in your garden, composted or even thrown away.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

This sounds like a great product. I wonder how long it will take to trickle down to where I see some in use.

Alex said...

Lets get that stuff in mass production and phase out all that wasteful environmentally harmful packaging(packing peanuts, styrofoam, petroleum based what have yous) that we all see so much of around the holidays! Imagine being able to simply tear up the packaging and drop it on the garden or in the compost! You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

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