Monday, 16 November 2009

Cow Dung To Heat 1,100 Homes In Netherlands

A cow dung-powered plant opened last Friday in the Netherlands, which hopes to provide 1,100 homes with the heat generated via anaerobic digestion of cow dung.

At the plant itself, cow manure along with grass and food residues will undergo fermentation and will release biogas. A special 5.5-km biogas pipeline from the Nij Bosma Zathe experimental dairy cattle farm will transport the biogas to a thermal plant’s gas turbines. The heat, thus generated, will go to the homes in the De Zuidlanden area (Leeuwarden) in northern Netherlands.

Via: Reuters

Image via: Flickr User Paul Stevenson with a Creative Commons License

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Green Organic Energy said...

For those who says recycling is useless, this article shows that even cow dung can be used for heating homes.

So there is little excuse for wasting our resources and not recycling them.

By the way, do you mind doing a link exchange with me?

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