Thursday, 29 October 2009

Turning Air Into Water

Marc Parent and his company Eolewater, located in Sainte Tulle, France, have invented a fresh water wind turbine which makes water from ambient air and also generates electricity. This could be beneficial especially in dry, remote and arid regions that need both drinking water and electricity.

The wind turbine blade powers the generator, which in turn powers a cooling compressor that converts gaseous water in atmospheric air into liquid water. The largest eolewater wind turbine produces 4597 litres / 24 hr of water in desert conditions and 33,131 litres / 24 hr of water in coastal climates.

The wind turbine makes electricity and water with zero emissions and can provide sustainable drinking water to a huge number of communities. The three mobile versions of the turbine can be used in disaster relief situations to provide fresh water and electricity.

Via: Reuters


Hwa Ryu said...

Looks great!
Hope it can reach many parts of Africa

Quiet-Environmentalist said...

Not sure how it will reach Africa. It will only reach Africa if it benefits the Western World.

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