Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tck Tck Tck - The World Is Ready For Climate Action

Join the call for a global climate deal at

Tck Tck Tck is a global alliance of civil society organizations, trade unions and individuals calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change agreement at the international meeting in Copenhagen in December 2009.

The TckTckTck site uses the Open Campaign, where organizations or individuals can take the branding and toolset, for use in their campaigns to educate and encourage their supporters to demand action on a climate change agreement.

Partners of Tck Tck Tck range from some of the largest civil society organizations in the world, including the World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, and Amnesty International, to individual, local, and national partners, like Presencia Ciudadana Mexicana. It brings together faith groups, like the World Council of Churches, anti-poverty groups, like the Global Campaign Against Poverty, and science organizations, like the Union of Concerned Scientists.


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