Monday, 26 October 2009

Needy Argentines Receive Solar Stoves And Showers

The EcoAndina Foundation - a local NGO - has taken a green initiative and is installing solar showers and donating solar-fired stoves to the needy villagers in the llama-herding communities of Misa Rumi in Argentina. It will provide relief for the Andean communities who rely on forests for their energy requirements.

Since 1989, the EcoAndina Foundation has been distributing solar equipment ‘to improve people’s quality of life and reduce firewood consumption, which produces a lot of desertification in the region’. Silvia Rojo, the president of the EcoAndina states that other Latin American countries are also following the suit.

The solar stoves (see photo) have a built-in sundial which can set light to a piece of paper within seconds. They save villagers the work of gathering scarce firewood or buying expensive canisters of natural gas.

Elsewhere in Misa Rumi, the scorching Andean sun is used to heat a communal bakery and solar-powered water pumps that guarantees irrigation for the residents' vegetable patches.

This measure will bring down carbon emissions in the area and will help the local people with their needs without causing deforestation and soil erosion.

Via: Reuters


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