Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Flexible Paving Stones Create Energy From People Walking On Them

A paving stone on a busy street is stepped on by more than 50,000 pedestrians every day and Laurence Kemball-Cook of Pavegen Systems Ltd has designed a way to harness that pedestrian power. Every time the rubber Pavegen stone is stepped on, it flexes 5mm and the dynamo technology stores the kinetic energy produced.

The Pavegen System could power lights, computers, automatic doors and ticket machines at tube stations information displays, street lighting, shop frontages, train and bus timetables and wayfinding solutions.

The slab glows when stepped on indicating that energy has been generated to users. Five paving slabs distributed over a section of a pavement will provide sufficient power to illuminate a bus information panel overnight.

The top of the slab is made from recycled rubber car tyres, and recycled aluminum is used for the inner surface. The exterior housing is done with marine grade 316 stainless steel. Each slab generates 2.1 watts per hour when located in an area with high footfall. The system requires annual servicing and is designed to withstand 5 years of use equating to 20 million steps in interior and outdoor environments.

Trials will take place in several locations throughout the UK in early 2010 with local authorities, schools and airports.

Via: World Architecture News

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Paving slabs said...

Is it true. I can't believe that We become flexible when We run on this stone. I am so curious to research on such type of stones. I wish that I will do it very well.

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