Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Carlisle School Cuts Heating Bills With Wind-Powered Heat Pump

Stoneraise School at Durdar near Carlisle, England has brought in a heat pump that is powered by a wind turbine, producing nearly 5kw of heat for every 1kw of electricity consumed. E.On, a power company, gave a £4,400 donation allowing them to purchase a pump that is capable of cutting down the electricity consumption by 25 percent. The annual saving is estimated at £4,000.

The heat pump was installed in a day and uses an outdoor refrigeration unit to extract warmth from the air, which is stored in condensed form and released into the building. In the summer it can be reversed in order to provide air-conditioning. The pump is more efficient as compared to conventional systems as it makes use of already existing heat, rather than converting it from fuel.

The school also has other eco-friendly features. A solar panel heated water system, under-floor heating in the newer rooms and automatic light switches.

Via: Whitehaven News

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