Tuesday, 15 September 2009

People Powered Flour Mill

The People Powered Flour Mill is a bicycle-driven grain grinding mill designed to connect the community to its local food production. Fergus Walker, the inventor, built it as a graduate project for a community bakery in Scotland.

Fergus says that its purpose is education and inspiration: children, parents, grandparents can all come and take part, providing a link between fields of wheat and loaves of bread. It will be set up in Fife, Scotland, where it will be used for milling demonstrations and baking workshops.

Since flour loses nutrients within hours of being milled, putting the grinding nearer to the baking brings additional health benefits that are lost at a larger scale. The mill can also be plugged into any power source for more continuous milling.

Watch this video (including bagpipe music!)

Via: Fergus Walker


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