Wednesday, 19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day 2009

August 19, 2009 is the first World Humanitarian Day. The Day was designated last December by the UN to increase public understanding of humanitarian assistance activities worldwide as well as to honour humanitarian workers who have lost their lives or been injured in the course of their work.

The international community will pay tribute to the brave humanitarian workers who devote their time and energy to come to the rescue of innocent victims of war and natural catastrophes across the world. August 19 was chosen as it was the day six years ago when a bomb attack in Baghdad killed 22 UN employees, among them their chief Sergio Vieira de Mello.

In the last decade more than 700 humanitarian workers have died while striving to help those most in need in some of the world's most hostile environment. Thousands more have endured bombing, kidnapping, attacks, hijacking, robbery and rape.

A small exhibition of photographs collected from humanitarian hot spots around the world was launched in the UN Secretariat lobby on 17 August 2009. You can see some of the work displayed here.

You can also watch this short video Delivering Aid Despite The Risks

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Emm said...

Wow. Thanks for telling us about this - I didn't know. I may blog about it myself now!

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