Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Responsible Hotels Of The World

Responsible Travel have just just launched their new collection - Responsible Hotels of the World.

Responsible Travel say this - "For us, the essence of a responsible holiday is having an experience that encapsulates the destination you are in. One which is true to its culture; which embraces and engages local people and food; which is dedicated to preserving the indigenous natural world for future generations."

They have very strict criteria, which hotels must adhere to and the properties themselves publish a section on their sites explaining how they make a difference. There is also an independent review system which ensures that responsible standards are maintained.

The idea of this new collection is to give people a choice of hotels which not only have high standards of responsible practice, but also offer something authentic and unique.

Hotels can be booked through Responsible Travel.

1 Comment:

Steve said...

Let me see if I have this right. Responsible Motels are environmentally friendly resting places so that when one gets off of the airplane that pumps out all of that pollution he can pretend to be "green" for the night?

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