Thursday, 11 June 2009

Agnes' Story - How WaterAid Is Helping

The short film below shows the dangers that Agnes and other women in the Machinga district in Malawi face whilst fetching water.

The Shire River is the primary water source for thousands of people who live in its surrounding rural communities. However, the river is dangerous with waterborne diseases plus another deadly threat.

Agnes was nearly killed by a crocodile and has been left badly injured, unable to work and too scared to go back to the river.

In April 2009 WaterAid installed a safe water point in Agnes' village. Now her community spends less time collecting water, allowing children to go to school and women to work. By 2012 WaterAid aims to reach a total of 44,000 people in the Machinga district of Malawi.

For more information about WaterAid visit their site and my previous posts Who Cares - WaterAid In Bangladesh and WaterAid - Providing Safe Water And Sanitation.

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