Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Check Out This SIte - Words Of Peace Global

This is a new site, well worth visiting - Words Of Peace Global. A beautiful site, easily navigated, it gives complete information about the message of Prem Rawat and the humanitarian activities of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF).

All the latest news of TPRF work and Prem Rawat's speaking engagements, plus downloads of video, audio and music clips as well as printed materials.

Watch this short video The Seed Of Kindness.

Prem Rawat says, “When we come in this world, we’re given seeds. There is the seed of anger, but there is also a seed of kindness. There is a seed of love . . . a seed of understanding. Whatever seed you have sown in your garden of life is what you’re going to sit under to rest. You have the intelligence to choose what will benefit you the most.”

Saturday, 27 June 2009

All-Electric Smart Cars In UK

Daimler have confirmed that the Smart Fortwo Electric will go into small series production, with cars coming into the UK in early 2010, following positive reaction from customers taking part in the UK trial, including the Metropolitan Police, universities, local councils, architects and energy companies.

The second generation smart electric drive will also be taking part in projects in Rome, Milan and Paris. Several cities in the US are also due to start trials of the fully electric car and the invaluable feedback will be incorporated into the development of future production models.

Featuring a lithium-ion battery the second generation smart electric drive's power source will have a longer range, boast a shorter charging time and will give improved performance.

Kulveer Ranger, London's director of transport, said: "The Mayor and I are working with manufacturers through the London Electric Vehicle Partnership and urge the entire car industry to invest in this technology. Not only can we create green collar jobs but also smooth the way for less polluting transport choices which will improve our air quality, reduce traffic noise and contribute significantly to the Mayor's ambitious carbon emissions reduction target."

The car has a top speed of 60mph with a range of 72 miles, making it perfect for inner-city driving and daily commutes. The vehicle is a plug-in and can be charged by connecting to any wall socket.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Number Of World's Hungry Now Over A Billion

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation announced on Friday that the number of hungry people on the planet will this year reach a historic high of 1.02 billion.

The World Food Program's Executive Director Josette Sheeran said, "Unless the world responds, we are in danger of losing a generation to hunger and malnutrition,” she continued. "We have the know-how, the tools and the technology to feed the world. Let history not say of our generation that we let the opportunity of ending hunger slip through our fingers."

About 100 million more people than last year have been pushed into chronic hunger and poverty. To find out more and how you can help, visit the WFP's A Billion for a Billion page. A Billion for a Billion refers to the fact that there are now over a billion internet users in the world, who have the chance to help the billion hungry.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Echo Valley Hope

I just came across this great group based in Wisonsin, USA - Echo Valley Hope. It's a registered educational and charitable non-profit corporation.

To quote from their website - In recognition of the need for sustainable living and renewable energy, Echo Valley Hope seeks to educate the general public and supports the efforts of similar organizations in all aspects of ecological preservation and sustainable living. Charitable activities include providing good nutritious food and clean water to those in need from disaster or long term disadvantage.

Their initiatives include Farms Link People which connects people wanting to farm with people who have land and need help; Sustainability Classes - free classes at Echo Valley Farm; Community Garden, where local people without land to farm have begun to work the parcel of land donated for a community garden.

They hold organise a variety of events and will be celebrating International Peace Day in September.

Do take a look at their site - www.echovalleyhope.org - they're doing a great job, and the site itself is well-designed and a pleasure to browse through.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Agnes' Story - How WaterAid Is Helping

The short film below shows the dangers that Agnes and other women in the Machinga district in Malawi face whilst fetching water.

The Shire River is the primary water source for thousands of people who live in its surrounding rural communities. However, the river is dangerous with waterborne diseases plus another deadly threat.

Agnes was nearly killed by a crocodile and has been left badly injured, unable to work and too scared to go back to the river.

In April 2009 WaterAid installed a safe water point in Agnes' village. Now her community spends less time collecting water, allowing children to go to school and women to work. By 2012 WaterAid aims to reach a total of 44,000 people in the Machinga district of Malawi.

For more information about WaterAid visit their site http://www.wateraid.org/ and my previous posts Who Cares - WaterAid In Bangladesh and WaterAid - Providing Safe Water And Sanitation.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Giving From The Heart

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has just been awarded 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities.

I've previously posted about TPRF here and you can take a look at another short video Giving From The Heart below.

TPRF has also announced the following upcoming Humanitarian Aid Projects. (text quoted direct from TPRF)

  • Grants to help victims of political violence in Sri Lanka and PakistanIn Sri Lanka, thousands, including women and small children, have been stranded without food and water as a result of political tensions. In Pakistan, almost two million people have been displaced by sectarian violence and are struggling to survive without adequate food.
  • Grant to help undernourished teenagers in Soweto, South AfricaIn Soweto, South Africa, pre-teen and teenagers in this poverty-stricken area (a suburb of Johannesburg), are often forced to quit school to work in exchange for food. TPRF will be collaborating with the reputable African Children Feeding Scheme (ACFS) to provide a food program for this age group, which is considered too old for government assistance.
For more information, please visit their site - www.tprf.org

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