Monday, 18 May 2009

Vancouver Skyscraper Farm

Romses Architects recently came up with the concept for a vertical farm in Vancouver. The Harvest Green Tower has a tower for growing fruits and vegetables, a livestock grazing plane, a boutique dairy farm, commercial space, transit lines, renewable energy and more.

With interlocking tubes that grow various fruits and vegetables, the tower also houses chickens and a fish farm. On top of the vertical growing tower is a rainwater cistern to collect and help water all the plants and animals. At the base there is a livestock grazing plain, as well as a bird habitat and boutique sheep and goat dairy facility.

Below, there is a grocery store and farmer’s market, as well as the Harvest Tower Restaurant. Renewable energy is produced from rooftop mounted wind turbines and photovoltaic glazing on the building with the additional help of geothermal heat pumps and methane generation from composting.

Romses Architects say that the tower would play an important role in the production of locally grown foods, in addition to providing employment opportunities and contribute sustainable density to Vancouver.


Yanic said...

That is absolutely crazy!
Would it be a year round prodcution? Would they have indoor installations like for hydroponics?

I would love to get more information on this project!

symposio said...

There's a link to the architects at the beginning of the post. That would probably be the best way to find more info.

storybeader said...

what a great concept. I wish them good luck and hope their buildings grow... in popularity!

Sharkbytes said...

Urban farming. Interesting.

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