Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What A Wonderful World

I came across this song again the other day. Call me a sentimental old thing, but I do like it - What a Wonderful World by the great Louis Armstrong.

It is a wonderful world, and it's great to be reminded of it. And the ability to appreciate it is an often forgotten fact. How wonderful it would be, also, if we could all appreciate and enjoy this world and this life.


Anny said...

This is my mommy's favourite song :)

sandy said...

I love that and also him singing you are my everything. You are my Everything is one of the songs my Dad requested at Mom's funeral just a week ago. I downloaded it and several others and made a CD that the funeral home played.

Today's music just really doesn't have the same soul as some of those old time hits.

Thanks for running my ad, it's much appreciated.

Welcome mats out, visitors are always exciting. (if you want to read some about my Mom, http://4ccccs.blogspot.com/)


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