Sunday, 29 March 2009

Wonderland Clothing That Melts In Water

The Wonderland Project has designed environmentally friendly dresses that melt in water.

The project is a collaboration between designer Helen Storey - professor at the London College of Fashion - and Professor Tony Ryan from the University of Sheffield. It is a collaboration between designers and scientists seeking a solution the problem of discarded clothing being sent to landfills. You can see more about Professor Storey's work at the Helen Storey Foundation.

They have created plastic dresses – made out of a similar material to washing capsules – that disappear on contact with water, with the aim of drawing attention to the problem of waste plastic. "It is about getting different disciplines together to solve a global problem," Professor Storey said.

The dresses went on a touring exhibition last year where the dresses were hung from scaffolds and lowered into gisnt fishbowls, dissolving in dramatic patterns as they submerged.

The Wonderland team has since been working on a project to design "catalytic clothing", which would use the surface area of clothing to harness pollutants that would then be neutralised by washing. "Clothes have a massive surface area, and this surface could be used to purify the air," Professor Storey said.

You can see here a short documentary on the Wonderland Sheffield exhibition from last year and work by the Helen Storey Foundation


Aarti said...

Awesome!! What a superb idea it is!! If the apparel industries are intended to make these kinda products, the waste and the lot of waste clothes produced due to the dumped clothes will be reduced certainly. And the technique is again a environment friendly, so it will enhance the natural friendliness. Used Car Dealers

Steve said...

Hi I think we have spoken before. i am the project manager for the water and food award in Copenhagen. We would like to ask you to be a guest blogger, we are have talked to TPRF about inviting Prem Rawat to be the keynote speaker. No decision yet, but we are hopeful

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