Friday, 13 March 2009

Music For Mankind

I just wanted to say something about Music For Mankind in this post. Music For Mankind is a series of benefit concerts, the proceeds of which are donated to the UN World Food Program, as well as to other humanitarian organisations for disaster relief.

The performances feature Kelly Moore & Emerald Dreams, who play folk, pop, rock and contemporary Celtic music. Guitarist and composer Kelly, who had the idea of doing these concerts, started Music For Mankind in 2007 and since then has been able to feed over 31,000 people on a global, national, and local scale.

He is one of only three persons in the world with the title Community Delegate for the Friends of the World Food Program.

Kelly has also been invited, as a UN Delegate, to Peru, as part of a team from the Friends of the World Food Program to observe and take part in UN World Food Program field operations in the Andes Mountains for 5 days, March 15 to March 20. You can read about it here in his blog.

Below is a short video "Silently Hoping" introducing their work.


Kellie said...

I love your blog! It is so inspirational!

sparkzspot said...

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Anonymous said...

Kelly put up a blog about his travels if interested.

Anonymous said...

Blog created about Kelly's trip if you're interested in more details and photos.

Aarti said...

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