Friday, 20 February 2009

Oceanic Eco-Resorts On Reclaimed Oil Rigs

In the recent international design competition Radical Innovation in Hospitality the Houston-based firm Morris Architects won honours for two of their entries.

The Oil Rig Resort, Spa, and Aquatic Adventure won the Grand Prize. It takes one of the 4000 oil rigs in the Gulf Coast and transforms it into an exclusive resort with an eco-luxe experience.

“As the adaptive reuse of an abandoned oilrig,” stated John Hardy, president and CEO of the John Hardy Group - co-sponsors of the competition, “the Rig Resort offers a potentially commercially viable solution to an environmental hazard by providing alternative adventure travel opportunities based on a natural setting, simultaneously creating new jobs previously non-existent in the area.”

The resort will cater to conferences and business retreats as well as luxury travellers. It can also serve as a cruise ship’s main port of call en route to other locations in Mexico and the Caribbean. The hotel will function autonomously through the use of alternative energy.

The firm's other entry Extreme Birding also won an honourable mention. Morris Architects Director of Design Douglas Oliver explained, “There is a strong connection between bird-watching and travel. Up until now, hospitality offerings for birders tended to be ad-hoc. This design proposes to integrate luxury hospitality into the birding experience, creating a methodology that can be adapted for sites around the globe.”

Images: Morris Architects

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Melanie Turner said...

I absolutely love this idea! What a great way to take something ugly and turn it into something useful and beautiful. I'd be interested to know how they clean up the rig prior to making the resort. I can't imagine an old oil rig would be that clean.

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