Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mobile Performance Venue

The Mobile Performance Venue (MPV) will represent Arts Alliance Productions and their performance "ID - Identity of the Soul" worldwide in 2009. ID is a five-screen cinematic performance based on Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s epic poem Terje Vigen and Mahmoud Darwish's poem A Soldier Dreams of White Lillies.

The MPV is the largest mobile venue in the world and is making great efforts to cut down its carbon footprint. Conceived by Norway’s Various Architects, the superstructure features an inflatable facade that is 100% recyclable and a collapsible design that makes it completely mobile, fitting into approximately 30 shipping containers. The venue measures 90 by 60 meters and can accommodate up to 3,500 people!

Touring acts tend to generate huge carbon footprints because of the massive amounts of materials that they transport across great distances. This mobile venue approaches the sustainable stadium from a new angle, opting for an ultra lightweight construction to minimize the energy expended to transport it: “Our main goal was to make the structure as lightweight and compact as possible to reduce shipping weight and volume.”

Various Architect’s venue is extremely versatile and has a variety of modular components that allow it to accommodate a range of events and environments. It can be fitted with stadium seats, and optional mesh covers provide protection from sun and the elements. The MPV assembles in just two weeks, and only takes about a week to disassemble. In addition, almost every part of the structure is recyclable, from its bright-white facade to its aluminum support system.


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