Friday, 30 January 2009

Reaching The Hungry In Gaza

The World Food Programme (WFP) has launched Operation Lifeline Gaza, a campaign to raise awareness and resources for the victims of the recent hostilities. The appeal is for $81 million for critically needed food and logistics for 365,000 people in need.

WFP has begun emergency distributions of nutritious date bars and high energy biscuits to thousands of displaced people in Gaza City to ensure that the food needs of the entire non-refugee population are met following three weeks of heavy fighting.

At the same time, it is scaling up its regular distributions of wheat flour, vegetable oil, chick peas and sugar and aims to reach a total of 365,000 people under Operation Lifeline Gaza. So far, more than 204,000 people have received a two-month ration since the Gaza crisis erupted on 27 December.

WFP now has food stocks totalling 4,125 metric tons in Gaza warehouses. While this is sufficient for the next few weeks, far greater quantities are needed to cover the needs of the months ahead.

From next week, WFP plans to move 600 metric tons of food every day into Gaza.For this to happen, however, all crossing points into Gaza will need to be reopened.

If you wish to find out more or to help, then please visit the UN World Food Programme site.


Karen Henry said...

I like your site and you are clearly trying to do some worthwhile things here. Just one suggestion: In the quote at the top of your blog, Gandhi's name is misspelled. It's GANDHI, not GHANDI.

I'm not trying to nitpick here. A lot of people make that same mistake. But since you have that quote at the top of your site, people will notice it immediately, and some will be less inclined to take you seriously because of it.

I happen to like that quote a lot, and I think it fits your site very well.

Karen Henry (Raleigh, NC)

symposio said...

Many thanks for pointing that out!

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