Monday, 26 January 2009

Green Roofed Hillside City In Sweden

The New Heden project, which has been designed for an underutilised site in Gothenburg, Sweden, will house 100.000 people in 5.000 new apartments and will provide commercial zones, sports facilites and parks, whilst reducing the distance that residents need to travel to work every day.

The planned development will transform a vacant city block into a self-contained sustainable city, with cycing paths and walkways. The green roofs provide excellent insulation for the buildings beneath while absorbing rainwater that can be purified and re-used as househild water.

The project also includes plans for the local cultivation of fruits and vegetables, and after development the site will feature a much greater biomass than before.

The architects of this exciting new development, Kjellgren Kaminsky, state: “With a unique identity of sustainable densification the new town block Heden creates a vision of a garden block that connects green space, healthy lifestyle and pleasant surroundings to a modern living atmosphere.”


Linda said...

That is really good news to see! In fact, it would be a cool place to live if it were not so cold there.

storybeader said...

that's just beautiful! people working together, too!

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