Tuesday, 2 December 2008

2 Ways In Which Individuals Can Help

With the internet it is now so much easier for us as individuals to do something about issues that matter to us. I'm going to talk about 2 of these ways here.

Fundraising Online

You can set up your own web page to raise funds for the non-profit organisation or charity of your choice. The UK site, which was the first, is Justgiving and the USA site is Firstgiving.

The UK organisation has been around since 2001 - the brainchild of Zarine Kharas - and Firstgiving was set up in 2003. I've only just heard of them recently, but I suppose that's because they can only work with UK and USA charities and non-profits.

I think it's a great idea, and enables people to easily set up their own standard site and raise money for whatever charity they wish. In the UK there is the added benefit that Gift Aid can be added, so that for every £10 that's given, almost £12 goes to the charity. In the time that they have been going in the UK, 6,210,796 people have raised £344,490,538 for 5,642 charities through Justgiving and in the US, 1,322,516 people have raised $72,918,876 for 14,865 non-profits through Firstgiving!

From what I can see, it seems very simple to set up your page and get up and running. There is also space at the bottom where the people who have donated are listed along with the amount and their comments. I don't know if it's possible for someone who wishes to remain anonymous, not be publicly listed.

Anyway, it seems such a simple idea that empowers so many people to be able to raise money easily.

Signing A Petition Or Starting Your Own Petition Online

I've just signed a petition online to Save the Cretan Landscape - see my post on Corfu Chronicles - and it's a very simple process for each of us to do.

You just go to the Petition Site at Care2. Here they list all the petitions currently online, and you can browse through the categories to see if there's anything that you feel strongly about and want to support. Alternatively, you can start your own petition - it couldn't be easier, and having stated the number of signatures you are aiming at when you set it up, there's a "Thermometer" on the page, which tracks and displays the numbers signing.

So far, 526,565 petitions have been created at the Petition Site.


qiwoman said...

I really like your blog and will visit regularly. God bless.

qiwoman said...

Thank you so much for your tips. i also have a green blog but love to share ideas and learn from other like minded bloggers too. I visit your blog now regularly.

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